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Hello Burrito Pals!

Our podcasts come out every two weeks, but we thought you might need resources before then. That’s what this post is all about! Check out the list below to find links, phone numbers, and folks to help you be the best burrito you can be.

My biggest piece of advice is this: You make your own choices, whether you go to class or not, whether you ask for help or not, whether you wait until the last minute to do an assignment… and then can’t get it finished or not. You make the choice. The best thing you can do is give yourself options. When you go to class, you get to decide if you understand the material or if you need to talk to your professor. When you ask for help, you get to decide how to use the resources you’re offered. When you do an assignment early, you can decide how you want to use your time after, and you still get a grade. College is on YOU. So take the power given to you, make your choices, and give yourself options. 

Financial Aid: Contact Financial Aid –

Tutoring/SI SessionsAmanda Methot – Academic Support Services Coordinator –

Counseling: Front Desk number (906) 635-2752

Accessibility Services: Megan Norman – Accessibility Coordinator –

Career Services: Geralyn Narkiewicz – Career Center Coordinator –

Laker Success and Success Coaches: Betty Chelli – Laker Success Coordinator – or

IPASS: Beth Brandon – IPASS Coordinator – 

Housing: Phone: (906) 635-2411 Email:

Health Center: Phone: (906) 635-2110


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