Ep. 7 Burritos Abroad

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This week we talk with two international students about their experiences moving to Michigan and to the Soo. We have a great conversation about diversity and how we can all come together and learn more about the world around us. This week’s podcast is a great reminder that we all have different experiences, opinions, and parts of our identities that

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Bollywood Betty Trailer

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Ever seen a Bollywood movie? Now’s your chance! Check out this trailer Episode 6 feat. the success story of co-host Betty Chelli, Laker Success Coordinator! She’s a first-generation American AND a first-generation college student who wants to share her unique perspective! 🙂   View this post on Instagram Hey Lakers! Be sure to tune in to this weeks Be The

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Ep. 6 – The Red Hot (Betty) Chelli Peppers

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College is made better by our differences and the chance to learn about each other. We grow when we explore and connect. This week we learn about one of our hosts, Betty Chelli, and her journey to and through a college education. It’s important to remember that everyone takes different roads to get to college, and that everyone will experience

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Ep. 5 – Student Journeys, On and Off Campus

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Burrito people, welcome! We are talking with two students, both a residential and commuter, to learn about how they used (or didn’t *gasp*) use resources to help them be successful on campus. They talk about their ups and downs, and how they learned to ask for help as they navigated their first few years at LSSU. Erin and Katie are

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Ep. 4 – Making Money Moves

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All the burrito people on the quad, can I get a FAFSA TIME?! That’s right! The FAFSA has opened, and you should be filling it out! Financial Aid focuses on more than just the FAFSA though, and we have two experts here to talk to us a little more about all the financial aid things. We are joined by the

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Podcast Contest Pt. 1!

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Contest?! That’s right! We are starting a contest to go along with our podcast, and that means you can win things just for listening and learning.  What do you have to do to win all the things?! You have to answer two questions about each podcast, and the answers are in the podcasts. We’re releasing questions in three parts as

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Ep. 3 – R… What?!

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What’s up my burrito people?! We got lucky with our guests this week and are interviewing both an RA and RSC… Hence the “R…What?!” title. RA stands for Resident Assistant, and RSC stands for Resident Success Coach. Josh is here to tell you about his journey as a college student, and what he does as an RA. Jarret is here

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Ep. 2 – Shh! This is a Library!

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Today we are joined by Marc Boucher, Director of the Library Academic Services, and he breaks down what’s happening at the Shouldice Library. Marc is not your average librarian, and luckily that means neither is our library! Join us as we learn about how the library can impact your academic success in college, how Marc became the proudest and loudest

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Find What You Need!

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Hello Burrito Pals! Our podcasts come out every two weeks, but we thought you might need resources before then. That’s what this post is all about! Check out the list below to find links, phone numbers, and folks to help you be the best burrito you can be. My biggest piece of advice is this: You make your own choices,

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