Podcast Contest Pt. 1!

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That’s right! We are starting a contest to go along with our podcast, and that means you can win things just for listening and learning. 

What do you have to do to win all the things?!

You have to answer two questions about each podcast, and the answers are in the podcasts. We’re releasing questions in three parts as we release sets of podcasts. Save up your answers to all three parts and turn them in at the start of the second semester. We will check all the answers and do a drawing from the folks who have all 18 questions answered correctly.

We will announce the prizes with Part 3 of our questions.

The best part about this contest is that it’s also an exercise on an effective note taking method! When you go into a lecture knowing the questions you should answer, you can pull important information out with a lot more ease. Basically, you can win up to two prizes! One is gaining better note taking skills, and the other will be a fun surprise!

If you’ve been wishing you could listen to this podcast on something other than our website, then we have some awesome news! We are officially on Apple Podcasts! We hope to get everything setup on Spotify soon for our friends on Androids! Use this link to start listening to us there: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/be-the-burrito/id1480757055

Questions Pt. 1

EPISODE 1: The Intro

How many times did Beth switch change majors in undergrad?

What is a first generation student and how much of campus is first generation?


EPISODE 2: Shh! This is a Library

What reading materials are on the various levels of the library?

What is Marc’s biggest piece of advice for students? 


EPISODE 3: R… What?!

Name one of the residential study areas 

Jarret and Josh both use this app as a method for time management

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