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Ep. 16 – Productivity Can Add Up!

ebrandon/ April 16, 2020/ / 0 comments

Hey Lakers! We’re going to talk more about procrastination again, but this time we’re going to talk more about how we can add and subtract our way to productivity! We’re going to look at a couple tools from Dr. Peirs Steel and his book The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done and talk

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Ep. 15 – Procrastin – Wait! Stop Doing That!

ebrandon/ March 22, 2020/ / 1 comments

Hey Lakers! We’re in uncharted waters here. Beth did a no fuss Be the Burrito take over to talk about productivity and how to kick procrastination to the curb, mostly. Beth gets real about why procrastination happens, how to fight it, and how she almost fell victim to it today. We can’t be together right now, but we are not

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Ep. 14 – What’s The Deal With Tutoring?

ebrandon/ March 10, 2020/ / 0 comments

  Tutors, SIs, and midterms– all of our least favorite things! This week we bring on Connor Sands to talk about how to get a tutor, be a tutor and overcome the nightmare of midterms! So sit back and take a break from your studies and tune in!

Ep. 13 – New Kids on the Podcast

ebrandon/ February 25, 2020/ / 1 comments

Hey Lakers! This episode is going to be the saddest one so far because we must say goodbye to our host Beth Brandon. You all must put the sadness behind you and get pumped for the new hosts! We are excited to announce that Michael Gills and Lyndsey Murdock will be taking over Be the Burrito. If you have any

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Ep. 12 – What’s Going On?!

ebrandon/ February 11, 2020/ / 0 comments

We’re talking with TWO student org presidents today! Learn a little more about Student Government and University Activities Board as we sit down and chat with Katie and Lo about the orgs they lead. We’re going to hear a little more about what they have planed for the spring and how YOU can get involved!

Ep.11 – Student Led Diversity

ebrandon/ January 28, 2020/ / 0 comments

Hey Lakers! This one is about your peers and some of the great things they are doing on our campus to promote diversity and inclusion. One thing of my favorite things about diversity is that there is ALWAYS more to learn. Listen up to hear about a few ways students at LSSU are creating opportunities for you to learn, grow,

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Ep. 10 – Planes, Trains, and Study Abroad Burritos!

ebrandon/ January 14, 2020/ / 0 comments

Buckle up Lakers, because we have a jam packed episode for you! I am joined by three guests: Marc, Teresa, and Millie and we talk about study abroad opportunities at LSSU and beyond, including one with a deadline closer than you’ll believe! Millie shares her study abroad experience as a student, and we all talk about why travel is so

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Spring Semester – Intro!

ebrandon/ January 7, 2020/ / 0 comments

Hey Lakers! We are back! This is just a quick intro episode to talk about some changes this semester. Make sure you tune in next week (1/14/2020) to hear about one heck of a study abroad opportunity, and learn about how YOU can get involved!!

Ep. 9 – Bye Bye Burrito

ebrandon/ December 17, 2019/ / 0 comments

Hey Lakers! We did it! Way to finish out the semester! We’re sure most of you have headed off campus to enjoy a nice break, and we’re excited to leave you with a few final thoughts on this semester. Whether it was your best semester yet, or you wish you could have done better, this week’s episode will have some

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Ep. 8 – The Beth Files

ebrandon/ December 3, 2019/ / 0 comments

We said it once before and we will say it again, college is made better by our differences and the chance to learn about each other. We grow when we explore and connect. Today you’ll get to meet your other host, Beth Brandon, and learn about her college experiences. She will also talk how college has been a big part

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