Have a New Idea?

Do you have new ideas or thoughts that are not reflected in the Three-Year plan? Post them here to begin campus-wide dialog.

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  1. Ralf Wilhelms says:

    I was trying to leave a new idea but there was not an option.

    We, as an institution, talk about increasing enrollment but it is not reflected in our budget or activities. Based on the budget document and comments in a number of meetings – student enrollment is key for sustainable operations.

    • Morrie Walworth says:

      Thank you, I’m still trying to address the user abilities. All comments should post automatically. I will check.

  2. Joe gallagher says:

    Look closely at solid waste. Recycling and composting. We are literally throwing money in the dumpster.
    Manage people and resources to actually MAKE MONEY off of trash!
    There is no magical land of “Away” you don’t throw something away, only somewhere else!
    Consider the cost of bags, transportation, manpower and more.
    Of course an educational component is required to teach the campus about solid waste reduction.

    Think about it. There is no magical land of away, only somewhere else!
    Look in the trash cans and see how much is recyclable!

    joe g
    Cisler Center

  3. mboucher says:

    Great discussion at your open session this morning. Since enrollment is such a large part of the revenue equation, can we work to build up our summer school program? Would this be cost effective?

  4. mboucher says:

    Can we explore a strong partnership with the boat school in Cedarville? Perhaps some kind of agreement where their students might take some of our classes and perhaps even vice versa?

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