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Insurance Reserves

LSSU holds a number of Insurance Reserves. In recent years we have used these reserves to fulfill General Fund needs. What level of reserves are appropriate today (with a General Fund deficit) and in the future?

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Most of LSSU’s revenue is enrollment based, but the non-enrollment based revenue is still critical to our operation and future financial viability. What actions can LSSU take to increase its revenue?

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The bulk of the Three-Year Plan deals with expenditures. LSSU needs to strategically allocate its resources. What ideas do you have to help ensure this is done fairly and with transparency?

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Have a New Idea?

Do you have new ideas or thoughts that are not reflected in the Three-Year plan? Post them here to begin campus-wide dialog.

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Debt Service

LSSU has about $2M of ongoing debt-service obligations. These obligations are funded by the General Fund, Auxiliary Funds, and some smaller revenue streams. Questions about debt service can be posted here.

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Data Requests

If you have questions about, or a desire to review, the data sets that have been used in the formulation of the Three-Year Plan, please place your questions/requests here. We will do our best to provide that information in a … Continue reading

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Benchmarking and Metrics (Key Performance Indicators)

Welcome to dialog about Benchmarking and Metrics (Key Performance Indicators). What are some metrics that would be useful to your business unit at LSSU?

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