Lake Superior State University’s Laker Legion Bylaws/Constitution

Preamble: To present students with the opportunity to organize and participate in supporting Laker athletics. To help build a culture of Laker Pride among the entire campus community. To help student athletes and non-varsity athletes gain a better understanding of each other and form bonds. To create a fun environment to demonstrate campus pride among colleagues. This club is open to men and women and is open to all students.

ARTICLE I: Name of organization
The name of this organization shall be the “Lake Superior State University Laker Legion”, or ‘Laker Legion’ for short.

ARTICLE II: Membership

Section 1: Membership in the organization shall be open to those enrolled Lake Superior State University students who are interested in promoting positive school spirit and sharing their enthusiasm for Laker Athletics and Lake Culture with others.

  • To become an active member, students must sign an official membership form.
  • Form shall include the following fields:
    • Name
    • Contact information including phone number
    • Year in college
    • Pledge to uphold the values of Laker Legion

Section2: Membership shall be open to students in good standing with Lake Superior State University and who possess an interest in supporting Laker athletics.

Section 3: Members must participate actively in club meetings and organizational events.

Section 4: Laker Legion shall not discriminate its membership or participants on the basis of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation or national origin.

ARTICLE III: Officers 
Section 1: The Officers of this student organization shall be a President, Vice President, and a Secretary/Treasurer, Social Media Chair as provided by the Bylaws, and any other position the club sees fit.

Section 2: A person may not hold two elected offices at the same time. In the event that a person is elected to two offices, he or she must choose to occupy one office and the runner up shall occupy the vacant office.

Section 3: In order to run for office in in the Laker Legion, members must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25. While in office officers must maintain a 2.25 GPA and must not have below 2.25 for more than one semester. All officers serve for a term of ONE (1) YEAR or until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified.

Section 4: Elections will be held at the first March meeting of each year. A majority of club members must be present for the votes to be valid.

Section 5: Powers and Duties of Officers       

  • The President shall serve as the chief executive officer of the organization, shall preside at all meetings of the organization and shall prepare the agenda for meetings. The President shall appoint all ad hoc committees. The President shall have other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the organization. The President shall attend all President’s Council Meetings
  • The Vice President shall preside at organization meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall perform all duties assigned by the President. The Vice President shall assume the office of President if the office becomes vacant. The Vice President shall also fill any vacant officers’ position until a special election is held.
  • The President shall call for an election within twenty eight days after vacancy of any office.
  • The Treasurer shall handle all financial affairs and budgeting of the organization, maintain all necessary accounting records, and prepare financial reports for the membership. The Treasurer shall collect all revenue and submit it to the appropriate office in student life for deposit. The Treasurer shall work with the advisor(s) to maintain the finances of the organization.
  • The Secretary shall take minutes at all meetings of the organization, keep these on file, and post copies to organization website. The Secretary shall be responsible for archiving all organizational correspondence and shall keep copies on file. The Secretary shall maintain membership records for the organization.
  • Social Media Coordinator shall be responsible for administration and creation of publishing relevant, original high-quality content and will post said content on various social media platforms including the Laker Legion Website, Facebook page and Twitter.  Additionally, Social Media Chair will develop a campaign for Laker Legion organizational awareness and positive reputation. If a post is deemed inappropriate the Social Media Chair will remove it immediately.

Section 6: Elections

  • Elections are held near the end of spring semester and shall take place at a regularly scheduled meeting of the organization at which a quorum is present. At least one week’s notice shall be provided for any meeting at which an election is to be held. Elections and nominations will be held in separate meetings.
  • Nominations for officers shall be made at the regular meeting immediately preceding the election. Nominations may also be made from the floor immediately prior to the election for each office. Members may nominate themselves for an office.
  • Officers shall be elected by majority vote (50% plus 1). If no candidate receives a majority vote, a runoff election shall be held between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes.
  • Votes shall be cast by secret ballot; however, when there is only one candidate for an office, a motion may be made to elect the candidate.

Section 7: Executive Board

  • The Executive Board shall consist of the elected and appointed officers, with the advisor(s) serving as non-voting member(s).
  • The Board shall have general supervision of the affairs of the organization between meetings and is authorized to take action when action must be taken prior to the next meeting.
  • The Executive Board shall report to the membership all actions taken between meetings. Except when it is too late to do so, any actions taken by the Executive Board may be rescinded or modified by the membership by a majority vote.

ARTICLE IV: Meetings

  • Regular meetings shall be held monthly at consistent times during the academic year.
  • Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the Executive Board. All members must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the meeting time.
  • Business cannot be conducted unless a quorum of the membership is present. A quorum for this organization is defined as a majority of the voting membership.
  • Members must be present to vote.

ARTICLE V: Discipline

  • All members of Laker Legion are expected to uphold the rules and regulations of the Lake Superior State University Student Handbook.
  • Members that violate the Student Rules and Regulations of Lake Superior State University may face disciplinary action.
  • Laker Legion members are held to a higher standard in regards to how they represent themselves and Laker Legion.  This includes demonstrating positive cheering, not bad mouthing the campus, teams or athletes in public and general overall behavior.
  • Violations of the Laker Legion code of conduct will be referred to the advisor(s) from the Executive Board where an appropriate disciplinary action plan will be decided.


  • Petition Executive Board with signatures of 1/3 of all voting members petition should state reason for removal.
  • Executive Committee shall then call for removal vote within twenty eight days of the filing of the petition.
  • Members shall be notified at least one week prior to removal vote meeting.
  • At the meeting for removal, the petition’s stated grievances shall be made public and the officer charged shall be allowed to respond to the charges of the petition.
  • Removal from office shall require a vote of 2/3 of all voting members.

ARTICLE VII: Amendments

  • Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be presented to the membership, in writing, one meeting prior to the meeting where the amendment will be voted upon.
  • Bylaw amendments require approval by two-thirds of the voting members present at a regular meeting. The amendment shall be effective immediately unless otherwise stipulated in the amendment.
  • A copy of any amendments to these bylaws must be submitted to OrgSync within two weeks after adoption.

ARTICLE VIII: Date – Constitution Adopted 10/10/2016

Amended 3/28/2017