Michigan History Primary Source Aggregator

Greetings, and welcome to the Michigan History Primary Source Aggregator site.   I am David S. Bennett, United States historian and digital humanities scholar.  As with most digital projects, this project has two distinct aims.

The first is internal, helping LSSU history students garner a deeper understanding of Michigan history, and providing them a digital platform to showcase their learned knowledge to help promote their professional goals. In this way, the blog’s goal is to inspire students to seek out far neglected archival materials within various local archives and try and make sense of them within the broader Michigan historical narrative.

The second goal is to give Michigan archives a digital foundation to advertise their archival materials.  The reality is that many primary source materials go unrecognized and thus unstudied. While digital tools have allowed many archives to create and foster their own internal blog spaces, my goal is to provide a larger aggregator site not allied to any specific physical location.  The goal of these blogs are not to rehost the original digital materials that are copyrights to the individual archives themselves, but instead host secondary texts crafted by students to call scholars’ attention to the inherent values these newly digitized materials provide to the Michigan communities.

Given the above, if you find yourself as a student or an archivist examining this material, please let me know if you have ideas or suggestions regarding the direction of this material. I look forward to hearing the community’s response.