Rush Information

What is Rush? Rush is a process where the sororities and fraternities at LSSU recruit new members to their organization. Here at Lake State rush kick off is the second Monday of each semester. It is a schedule of different events that one can attend to get to know the current members and build connections. This process really helps to make sure you are finding the Greek group that is right for you!

Rush and Rho Chi Omega: Rush is a fun time for both the current sisters of Rho Chi and our potential members. However, we do have just a few requirements when it comes to rush. The first is that you must attend at least three events. Our rush schedule goes for two weeks, so there are plenty of chances for you to join us at a fun event! Our other requirement is that you attend the Bring Your Own Bag event (BYOB). If you are interested in being a Rho Chi sister you  must attend this event. It is always takes place the final Sunday of rush. It can also count as one of your three attended events.

If you have any questions regarding our rushing process, please feel free to reach out to us! Hope to see you at kick off!

Rush Spring 2017 Kicks off in Peacock Cove on Monday January 16th

Our Events;

Tuesday, January 17th; Service Scavenger Hunt with AKX at 6pm. Meet in Osborn Lobby

Wednesday, January 18th; Painting with a twist with the Alphas at 7pm in Erie Room

Thursday, January 19th; Lunch with the Sisters from 12-1pm in the Galley

Friday, January 20th; Pictionary/Charades with Sigmas at 6pm on Brady Lawn

Saturday, January 21st; Mashed Potato Bar at 7pm in Erie Room

Tuesday, January 24th; Tubing at 6pm. Meet in Osborn Lobby

Wednesday, January 25th; Soccer on Ice from 11pm-12am in Norris

Friday, January 27th; Makeover at 5pm in Erie room

Saturday, January 28th; Ice Festival from 5-7pm. Meet in Osborn Lobby

Sunday, January 29th; Bring you own Bag at 5pm in Erie room.

Hope to see you there!