Academic Podcasting Guidelines at LSSU

  • To participate, all faculty members must attend an Academic Podcasting orientation in which expectations for both sides are discussed. This orientation walks the faculty through the copyright and intellectual property implications of the program and also covers andragogical issues.
  • Once an instructor completes the orientation, the submission of content to the LakerCast portal signifies agreement to the terms in this document and the training. This agreement covers all classes potentially taught by that instructor.
  • The program is voluntary.
  • Each instructor chooses their preferred method of distribution for course content. (At LSSU this includes the options of restricted vs. unrestricted and audio vs. video; other institutions may open this up to download vs streaming etc.)
  • The instructor is responsible for choosing what content will be made available through a CourseCast.
  • Staff do NOT censor the materials.
  • Primary editing of materials is the responsibility of the instructor. Training will be provided for instructors to empower them to edit their own content.
  • Staff will edit materials only after a request by the instructor.
  • Upon receipt of content staff will process the materials and make it available in a format appropriate for Academic Podcasting and external audience use. (For example WAV to MP3)
  • Once content is delivered to LakerCast staff, we will begin the closed captioning process. Materials will generally be made available through the portal within 3-5 business days including any requested edits.
  • Instructors agree to upload content on a regular basis.
  • LakerCast allows for ‘Events’ which are different than ‘Courses’ as they are not removed after the semester and a release form must be obtained from every non-LSSU presenter.
  • At the end of the semester material in ‘courses’ is removed from public access and is archived.
    1. A copy of this archive is delivered to the instructor
    2. The institution also keeps a copy
  • LakerCast material must not be in violation of another’s copyright.
  • Content created by LSSU instructors is the joint intellectual property of the instructor and the institution.
  • Content will not be re-used unless BOTH parties agree.
  • The University, by making the program available, is implicitly agreeing to allow its intellectual property to be made available.
  • Material in which the instructor or institution does not own the copyright may not be made available in open LakerCasts. In a closed LakerCast, copyrighted material may be used, but must follow the DMCA guidelines.
  • Prior to archiving, content will only be removed upon request of the instructor.
  • For events with external speakers, the release form grants the institution the right to re-use and distribute the intellectual property of the presenter, but does not transfer ownership.
  • It is the responsibility of the campus to maintain a file with all signed release forms. This file is located in the office of the Library Director.