Intellectual Property – This can vary widely depending on the culture of an institution.

LakerCast (LSSU Library’s CourseCasting Program) handles it with the following understanding:

  • There are two entities who can lay claim to the intellectual property rights to the content
    • The content creator
    • The institution that is paying the content creator (work for hire)
  • Our program clearly states that BOTH parties must agree to allow their IP to be shared. If one of the parties declines, then it will not be shared.

Guest Lecturers are asked if they are willing to have their content made available through the program and if they agree, they sign a waiver form giving the institution the right to share the content.

  • Lecturers most often have no problem with this idea
  • Performers rarely allow their content to be made available this way.



  • Opts In by allowing the CourseCasting program to exist
  • Copyright statement on web page
  • Copyright statement within RSS feed

Faculty Member

  • Opt-in to LakerCast program
  • Stream Vs. Download
  • Teacher keeps archive at end of semester