Intermediate Algebra

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This is Rob Kipka’s Intermediate Algebra page.  This course assumes some familiarity with:

  • The basic idea of a variable, or unknown, such as x or y;
  • Graphing lines and solving linear equations, such as 3x+2=7;
  • The basic ideas of exponents, such as x⋅x=x2;
  • The idea of like terms in polynomials, for example, x+3x+x2=4x+x2 because x and 3x are like terms but 4x and x2 are not;
  • The basic ideas of inequalities.

To take this course, you should finish MATH 088 or score between 30 and 45 on the ALEKs placement test.

Did you take the ALEKs and score below 30? Right before the semester and at the very beginning of the semester you can take ALEKs again!

Do you have questions about placing into this course or about content you find on the website?  Send me an email.

Getting Started

This course begins with a review of lines and linear relationships.