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  1. September 19, 2017 at 9:58 am

    I’m not really sure why anyone would choose to change their name. I can only guess, maybe the break down of government? There would be no need for a social security card, or record of birth, you wouldn’t need a drivers license. I don’t imagine, that you would need to verify your age to buy cigarettes or alcohol. Maybe, so many people die, that this keeps it informal, and not personal. People probably do not want to become attached. Although, the Symphony seems to be as close to a structured family, as it gets. I think by naming each other after instrument and placement is a way to put order to power, and decision making. Like a form of rank. Placement in rank from experience. They have a matriarch figure, and the younger less experienced on down the line. I’m sure many lost the majority of their immediate family members. It’s possible some of them do not know their last name even. They could have been given a name from someone other than their biological parents. It could be for protection from other groups of people. They are traveling, it seems that there is no way to get the “word out”, other than “the word of mouth”, and they think that they are protecting their identity. Witch, doesn’t really make sense because people know them as the traveling Symphony. Perhaps, family names carry no weight in this new world. I would prefer just be called by my birth name. People tend to naturally fall into rank in most cases. If i was third string in a cortet, i would know my rank and position. Unless, this is something that was required of me to continue traveling in my group, No, i would not change my name. We base the foundations off our country from family and tradition.

    Kristine Jardee

  2. Evelyn Nowak
    September 19, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Changing your name can often signify a change in your life. For example, it is traditional for a bride to change her last name when she is married, and in modern times a couple will occasionally hyphenate their names. It shows that their lives have changed, and they are bound to another person in marriage.
    Similarly, the members of the Symphony have had their lives changed in very powerful ways. First, they had almost everything taken from them by the Georgian Flu; this is an unpleasant change forced upon them. They then joined the Symphony; a new life taken by choice.
    By changing their name, they signify that they have bound themselves to the Symphony and a new way of life.
    If I were in the Symphony, I might also change my name to match my new life. It is a choice you can make in a world with few choices left. As it says on the caravan, “survival is insufficient”, and we must make the choice to bring beauty back into the world.

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