Author: Ali V

Showcasing our speakers: Lyndsey Johnson

2017 TEDxLSSU speaker Lyndsey JohnsonAn estimated 10% of Americans live with a chronic illness that could be considered an invisible disability; in her talk, “I do not know what I do not know: A case for intersectionality,” Lyndsey Johnson tells the story of her own experience since she developed a chronic illness at 15, and its connection to the concept of intersectionality.

In memory of Dr. Tom Pleger

It is with sad hearts that we share the news that Dr. Tom Pleger, our University’s president, and one of our 2017 TEDxLSSU speakers (as well as a TEDxLSSU 2015 speaker), passed away on Sunday, May 7, 2017.  A champion for higher education and lifelong learning, Dr. Pleger will be missed by all of us.  We share his 2017 talk below, in memory of Tom:

You can watch Tom’s 2015 TEDxLSSU talk here: