Catch Flights, Not Feelings

Hi, everyone!

Sammie & Paige here.

We’ve arrived in Sault Ste. Marie, ON and are waiting to board our flight to Toronto. From there, we will be heading to Aukland, NZ. Everyone here is excited to get going and get this 20+ hour flight over with. New Zealand, for those who don’t know, is known for its beautiful scenery and cultural diversity. It is also the filming site for the Lord of the Rings movies (for any fellow nerds out there). Our group is eager to get in the air and begin our new adventure! Our trip will include exploration of both ecological and health aspects of New Zealand. Keep watching this blog for more updates on our travels and activities!

“Home is behind, the world is ahead”- Frodo Baggins

Here’s to safe travels! Cheers!

Paige & Sammie

P.S. Hi dad- love, S

P.S.S. Love you mom!- P

9:00 pm May 1st, 2019

Hey Everyone! Sammie and I here, giving another update! We officially made it to New Zealand after 33 hours of travel! Needless to say, we are happy to be back on the ground! We checked in late tonight to our hostel in Algies Bay after a nice dinner at Nandos. Now its time for sleep, we’ll check in again in the morning! Goodnight!

Sammie & Paige


  1. Long flight, but exciting! Travel safe, drink water, be sure to stretch your legs, and get some laughs in! Can’t wait to read of all your adventures!

  2. So very exciting for you all! Soak in every moment! Safe travels.

    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

  3. Have fun everyone and take lots of pictures to help remember your time in NZ! Take every detail in because you’ll want to remember this trip forever. It will change your life I promise you that! I’ll definitely be following your trip and reading about all of the fun things you’ll be doing. My advice to you is to embrace this wonderful experience with open arms and don’t be afraid to try something new! (Mine was putting myself out there to talk to strangers about my project and zip lining for the first time) safe travels everyone!

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