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Maps and GIS Data

National Geologic Map Database (USGS)

Map Maker (Contour and Ariel Photography),-85.07138&z=7&b=t

Geologic maps of US states (GIS)

Map of Recent Earthquakes

Canadian GIS Data

NOAA Benchmarks

Sault Ste. Marie Web GIS   

DEQ WEll Database (can help identify bedrock)

Landsat Data

USGS Digital Topo

Eastern Upper Peninsula Coastal GIS Study

Rocks and Mineral

Minerals Database A-Z

Rock Naming (General)

Minerals (General)

Mineral ID Table (Complex)

Sediments and Soils

Soil Data

Sed Log Program

Seismic Lines

High Risk Erosion Areas (DEQ),4561,7-135-3311_4114-344443–,00.html


Michigan Sea Grant

Superior Watershed Partnership and Land Trust


Sequence Strat Terminology

Mining Terms Explained A to Z

Glossary of Oceanography Terminology