Part 1. The Theater: Metropolitan vs Rural/Remote

Part 1 of the book is comprised of Chapters 1-6, and is primarily about the death of Arthur and the quick spread of the Georgia Flu, with hints to the devastating effects it will have on the world. 

The Upper Peninsula is fairly remote when compared to the rest of the US; what do you think our chances would be for our local communities to survive a world pandemic?  What kinds of resources do we have here that would help? hurt?

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  1. Lukas Kaelble
    September 4, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    I think if I would receive a phone call, like Jeevan did from Hua, i would at first be shocked.
    I guess I would at first think Iam dreaming, or I wouldnt believe it is true, especially because its nothing official yet. But then if I would trust the person as much as Jeevan trusts Hua, I would start to realize what it would actually mean if what he says is true. I think my first thoughts would go out to my family and frieds, wondering if they are safe. I would call them and make sure, then try to explain the situation and talk with them what we should do. Probably make a plan where we should meet, where we get all the food we will need and what kind of food, how much food? Where will we even be safe if the flu/virus spreads everywhere? So many questions that would pop up in my head. Especially because i would be here in the US and most of my family wnd friends would be back home in Germany, and it looks like flying is probably the most dangerous think you could do in that situation. So I guess I would just get together with people trying to get away from the big cities and just try to warn and help people.

  2. Aysha Scarton
    September 6, 2017 at 9:51 am

    If the contamination spread to the UP, I think that we wouldn’t survive for very long due to lack of resources. I’m from a rural town in PA, but I can drive 10 minutes into a more populated city, with a lot more stores. In Sault Ste. Marie, we don’t have that option, unless we drove to Canada. The hospital in the Soo is on the smaller side, which is not beneficial.

    If the contamination were not spread to the Soo, I think that we would have a good chance of survival because it is so rural, unless the microorganisms traveled by water.

  3. Kristine Jardee
    September 7, 2017 at 9:27 am

    The reason they call it a pandemic is because it’s an worldwide epidemic, of course it’s going to spread to the UP. In the book they talk about being in Traverse City, as an example. The city was devastated, people, that is not too far from where we are. Although, we are not nearly as populated as most cities. Also, we do not have a large airport, train station, busing system, there are no air trains or subways and this would slow down the spread off the virus. But, we do have the International bridge and the Mackinaw bridge. You can order antibiotics off the internet for godsakes, Not that you would have time. The hospital here is a very small band aid station and wouldn’t be of a huge resource. From the sounds of it that isn’t going to matter. The medicine we have can’t battle this thing, It’s a virus. I think that being in a remote area would help the spread off the virus but in the summer we have quite a bit of tourism. We have the the freighter ships that come and go all the way to the Atlantic. We do have a lot of natural resources here such as, fish, deer, rabbits, black bears, berries, good soil, fresh water and plenty of wood. A country boy can survive. Our winter are long and harsh keeping warm and supplied through winter could be a problem for some. The native Americans had natural medicines so it can be done. If one man can do it another man can do it. The virus is obviously airborne but what other ways is it spread? We burned bodies during the black plague. Is that something that should be done here? I honestly would not be concerned with the fact that there are not many stores, i can food. Although i might miss toilet paper. there are plants you can make soap from. All kinds of cool you can do right here in the wild. OH, I would definitely miss coffee, i can make my own beer.

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