Dr. Christy Price’s Pre-Conference Workshop at the 2023 UPTLC Conference


What factors influence student motivation and desire to learn? Obviously, there are some influences beyond the professor’s control, but research in educational psychology suggests one thing we can do to increase student engagement is to create learning environments that are in some ways linked to, and supportive of, the current student culture. During this participatory session, we will briefly review the literature regarding the culture of the student of today and apply the findings of the presenter’s research regarding modern learners. We will specifically discuss the characteristics of ideal learning environments for modern learners, their preferences regarding assessments, their perceptions regarding the characteristics of the ideal professor, and their ideal institutional practices. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in activities that will require them to reflect on their own teaching methods and/or institutional practices. Open-ended questionnaires, check-lists, and video clips of faculty and students will be utilized in order to facilitate discussion regarding practical steps we can take to meet the needs of modern learners.

Learning Outcomes for Workshop Participants:

1. recognize the characteristics of modern learners and consider how these characteristics impact teaching & learning.

2. identify the characteristics of ideal learning environments for modern learners.

3. analyze how well the learning environments they create at their own institutions meet the needs of modern learners.

4. describe modern learner preferences regarding assignments and assessments.

5. examine the assignments and assessments they utilize based on modern learner preferences.

6. discuss modern learners’ perceptions regarding the ideal professor.

7. assess how well they meet modern learners’ criteria for the ideal professor.

8. reflect on how they might transform their teaching methods as they apply the findings of the research on modern learners.