University Colloquium Welcomes Dr. Masoud Zarapoor Friday, October 12th @ 4PM in the Library Learning Commons

Title: Morphing Structures and Piezoelectric Materials
Abstract: In this presentation, I will be talking about the morphing structures and its application, such as aircraft wings and wind turbine blades. The main focus of this presentation will be on a specific type of morphing structures, called bistable structures. Bistable structures have two stable positions. Bistable structures have a unique feature of snap-through motion, which is a rapid motion from one stable position to another. Bistable structures can be integrated with piezoelectric materials for both actuation purposes and vibration energy harvesting. Piezoelectric materials convert mechanical energy to electrical energy and vice versa. They generate an electric charge when applied to mechanical stress (direct effect), and they deflect when they are applied to electric voltage (converse effect). As a result, piezoelectric materials can be utilized to harvest vibrational energy or to actuate structures.
University Colloquium meets every other Friday in the Library Learning Commons.
colloquium talk is a faculty presentation about their research or other scholarly activity that they’re engaged with, designed for a general audience.  Attending a talk like this is a great way to learn about something that’s deeply interesting to a faculty member.

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