LSSU Library Culinary Series – Great Egg-spectations!

Friday, February 11th, 2022 @ NOON
Library Learning Commons

In January of 2014, Zachary Schroeder was chosen from a refined roster of professional chefs from across the country with extensive management and leadership backgrounds, to launch LCCS’s unique program and restaurant. Particularly notable was his relentless devotion to culinary excellence, with particular focus on the farm-to-table fine dining experience. A native of Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula, with French Canadian heritage, he fully relates to its rich history and wealth of natural resources, having grown up appreciating all that the woods and waters and farmlands have to offer, and thus the simplicity of nature as it relates to foods.

Les Cheneaux Culinary School – how about a discussion on preparing eggs in various ways…..

French Omelet, French Scramble, Poached, Boiled and Perfect!

  This lecture based demonstration explores the various methods of preparing eggs. Techniques discussed will include poaching, scrambling, omelette, boiling and perfect.  Zachary will also touch on the basic tools and equipment needed for egg cookery.

Also, included will be a comparison of eggs from various farm birds including chicken, turkey, duck, and quail. 

This event is free and open to the public.

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