LSSU Sustainability Series – Planetary Boundaries: Limits to Growth and Possible Solutions

Thursday, March 24th, 2022 at 2pm Library Learning Commons

 Presenting Prof. Barbara Evans
Head Shot of Professor Barbara Evans. She has long straight hair down, wearing a grey t-shirt.
Biology Professor Barbara Evans here at Lake Superior State University

The concept of planetary boundaries addresses the resource limits of the planet.
In particular, limited freshwater and nutrients for agriculture are a concern, especially as demand increases due to expectations for common standards of living, as well as a growing human population. Climate change is making crop yields less predictable.  At the same time, conventional agriculture is wasteful of these resources and puts more pressure on limited freshwater resources. Aquaponics is being considered as an approach to food security that may provide resilience in the face of these potential encroachments on planetary boundaries. These systems can be placed locally to reduce the need for transportation of food; they conserve water and nutrients and so may allow us to increase food yields without exceeding the limits to growth. However, as a relatively new agricultural concept, much needs to be done to create an educated workforce and develop business models that ensure success.”

This event is free and open to the public